Former WBO featherweight champion Scott Harrison has been forced to cancel his December 1 clash with John Simpson because of his Spanish assault conviction.

The Scotsman had hoped to still engage in the fight but has now intends to focus his energies on clearing his name.

Harrison was last week sentenced to four years imprisonment for assaulting three men at a brothel in Malaga in 2007.

His sentence reflects the fact that he has already served time in a Spanish jail for an assault which occurred in 2006.

However, he is claiming that the latest conviction is a case of mistaken identity and was going to still face Simpson until his manager Alex Morrison convinced him that it would not be a smart move.

"Scott has too many issues to deal with at the moment and it wouldn't be fair to expect him to undertake an important fight with everything that's going on in his life," Morrison said.

12/11/2012 17:09:02