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Tyson Fury has begun a war of words with Lennox Lewis after questioning the heavyweight legend's sexuality on Twitter.

Fury, who is preparing for his rescheduled fight with David Haye, tweeted "@Lennox Lewis is a Homosexual!!! But an even bigger pussy!!!.

Lewis responded by sending Fury a picture of his WBC belt along with a message saying: "Only because you may never see one up close".

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Lennox said: "The way I look at it - Tyson Fury is just talk right now. He needs to prove himself, as a boxer. It's funny - because all he talks is a lot of fluff.

"I'm saying 'Who is Tyson Fury?' His name does not even ring a bell, especially in the boxing fraternity right now. He hasn't proven himself. Once you prove yourself, then you can talk and try and get me back."

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09/10/2013 21:59:06