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Hatton Academy

Hatton Academy is a multi-level Boxing for Fitness programme designed to give fitness professionals and boxing coaches the ability to use boxing skills as part of their training programmes. 

We combine the principals of professional boxing training and functional fitness training to create a unique training system, providing the trainer with the boxing knowledge required to deliver safe, fun and effective boxing for fitness sessions without the need for contact.

Our system can be used by all styles of trainer and adapted to suit their clientele, whether that is for 1-on-1 sessions or group classes in both Boxing and Health and Fitness environments.

The Hatton Academy is the only Boxing training provider to be accredited by the Register of Exercise Professionals, ActiveIQ, CIMSPA and the British Boxing Board of Control.

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There are 3 levels of the Hatton Academy's courses that participants will work through- Fundamentals, Advanced and Elite.


Fundamentals Course

Participants will be introduced to the fundamentals of boxing for fitness training beginning with setting the stance and guard, then introducing the punching and pad holding techniques. This course will expand your knowledge and imagination in organising and instructing Boxing for Fitness classes, whilst providing the qualifications and accreditation required to teach them both safely and effectively.

The Fundamentals course will teach you how to…

  • Organise Boxing for Fitness classes to cater for all fitness levels
  • Teach correct punching and pad holding techniques
  • Teach punching combinations 
  • Teach boxing-based speed and power drills
  • Identify incorrect form and advice accordingly 


Advanced Course

This course takes personal trainers, group exercise instructors and boxing coaches to the next level of their Boxing for Fitness training. The Advanced course follows on from the Fundamentals, building on those techniques and incorporating new punches and combinations for your boxing sessions. You will also learn the theory behind and the benefits of advanced boxing training.

The Advanced course will teach you how to…

  • Organise and deliver boxing sessions to cater for more advanced abilities
  • Teach advanced punching combinations and pad holding techniques
  • Teach defence moves
  • Incorporate advanced exercise drills into your sessions


Elite Course

This is the third and final level of the Hatton Academy's boxing training system. Our Elite course revisits the techniques from the Fundamentals and Advanced courses, building the complexity to provide the trainer with a wider technical ability, as well as a greater library of techniques to use with 1-to-1 clients.

The Elite course will teach you how to…

  • Instruct and demonstrate defensive techniques
  • Incorporate defensive techniques into advanced combinations 
  • Build cycle set and perpetual motion combinations 
  • Identify incorrect techniques and correct accordingly
  • Teach correct technique and reduce the risk of injury

I'm a personal trainer and I've done some boxing previously. A couple of my clients wanted to box in their sessions and the Hatton Academy fit the bill perfectly. Nic and Rich did an excellent job of training me so I could deliver sessions, coach good technique and provide feedback. I'm looking forward to taking my new skills out to my clients in the next few weeks!

Sandy Rowe

Great course, well detailed did it in Dublin found Rich our instructor a fountain of knowledge- got his teaching point across easily and simple to understand. The course itself was well detailed and structure was brilliant. I would highly recommend it to any trainers in fitness or boxing to increase their boxing technique or pad drill skills.

John Marshall


I've taught Boxing for some time now but I felt my coaching was getting stale and I wasn't enjoying it as much as I used to. Not only did the course today correct a lot of my bad habits but I honestly learnt a lot over the 2 days and I'm excited about getting back to coaching, especially with the new skills learnt.

Phil Hingston

Exhausting but excellent 2-day course taking you from the basics of how to stand, punch and pad through to some fairly complex combination drills all while having fun and doing some fairly serious working out as well. Nic and Rich were great instructors too. I now feel confident to teach boxing for fitness to high paying individuals. Thank you.

Melanie Gulliver Sangster

Attended the Elite Course on Saturday 21st in London. Learnt lots of new moves and combos. Sore this morning but so worth it! Thank you Rich and Nic for totally putting up with me and for your patience! I'll give you 6 months peace and then I'll be back!

Mel Truman

Absolutely loved it, Blain and Charlotte were so professional and made the classes so enjoyable and fun but made everything so simple to understand, I boxed a long time ago but learnt so much more, after the weekend you will be aching from head to toe but it will be so worth it from the wealth of knowledge you've earned, can't wait for the elite course now thanks guys.

Damien Rees

A fantastic course from start to finish. It was very well structured and the master trainers (Richard and Nicola in my case) were very knowledgeable, enthusiastic, fun and really motivated to give you a complete and thorough understanding of correct boxing techniques and proper pad holding. I highly recommended it. Looking forward to Level 3!

George Pelekanos

I took part in the Fundamentals & Advanced course over the weekend in Manchester. The Master Trainers Charlotte & Blain were brilliant, very knowledgeable & kept the students enthusiastic throughout. I look forward to returning in the New Year for the Elite course. Thank you & best wishes.

Daz Davies

Really enjoyed the course put on by Nicola and Rich. Very skilled and inspirational trainers. Looking forward to implementing the skills I've learned into my sessions with clients.

Josh Trills

Man where do I start!! 2 years ago, I started on a boxing journey at the age of 44, I was 18 stone, diabetic, drank and did a few other crazy things. I was unfit and very unhealthy, I signed up for a local boxing challenge and have not looked back, I've had 4 white collar fights but it was the training that I loved the fights were just the end product, I would then jump in another training camp even if I was fighting myself!

The reason I say all this is because passing the course this weekend was my end goal as far as fighting is concerned and I hope now to be able to get into coaching with the help of my local gym (Impact Gym Bristol) Richard and Nicola are AWESOME coaches, everything is explained and shown by them both so well which I will now take further in my next goal. I look forward in the New Year to attend the Elite course. To anyone thinking of taking up the Hatton Boxing Coaching course my advice is don't think anymore and sign up now.

Geoff Wager