Khan condemns Peshawar attacks

Boxer Amir Khan has expressed his condemnation and sadness following the recent attacks in Peshawar which claimed the liv...

012_Amir _Khan _vs _Devon _Alexander

Osman Aslam v Craig Derbyshire

Osman Aslam makes his professional debut against Doncaster's Craig Derbyshire.

Aslam V Derbyshire

Saqib Qureshi v Cristian Hoskin-Gomez

Saqib Qureshi v Christian Hoskin-Gomez  in Bolton.

Quershi V Hoskin Gomez

Marc Leach v Francis Croes

Salford's Marc Leace boxes Franis Croes in Bolton.

Leach V Croes

Liam Conroy v Haider Sadiq

Liam Conroy and Haider Sadiq meet in Bolton.

Conroy V Sadiq

Chris Healey v James Barnes

Stockport's Chris Healey faces Newcastle's James Barnes.

Healey V Barnes

Anthony Upton in seventh heaven

Red hot light-welterweight prospect Anthony Upton barely had chance to break sweat as he blasted Hungary's Janos Vass i...

Anto Upton